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Mission and History

Our mission at Iowa City Pride is to increase positive visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual/agender/aromantic (LGBTQIAA) community of Iowa City, by providing opportunities to express and celebrate diverse perspectives, emphasizing acceptance of all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
Iowa City Pride coordinates an annual Pride festival and related events throughout the year. The Pride board meets the third Sunday of every month at 3 p.m. at rotating locations. Members of the public are welcome to attend. To inquire about attending the meeting, joining the pride board, or volunteering for Pride, email:

2022-2023 Iowa City Pride Board
President - Joe Reilly -
Immediate Past President - Jewell Amos -
Vice President/President Elect - Andy Owens -
Treasurer - Ricardo Rangel Jr -
At Large Board Member -Nathan Kelley -
At Large Board Member - Jason Zeman -
At Large Board Member & Diversity Officer- Lucky Kiche -
At Large Board Member - Lisa Skriver -
At Large Board Member - Sam Szlembarski -
At Large Board Member - Faraji Hubbard -
At Large Board Member & Entertainment Director - Blake Shaw -
At Large Board Member & Development Director- Anne Ehlinger -
At Large Board Member - Tyler Riddle -

Open Positions (please email for inquires): 
Community Director

"I’ve been embraced by a new community. That’s what happens when you’re finally honest about who you are; you find others like you."

Chaz Bono - Celebrity and Transgender Pioneer

Our Mission

Volunteer with Pride!

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