Covid-19 may have postponed our festival and parade but it didn't postponed our Pride. As we celebrate all things Pride, we also wanted to pay close attention to the what is happening around the nation and continue to support our community.  Proceeds from the sale of the yard signs will be donated.  You may also sign up for our Virtual Pride Parade on June 20th.


Pride means so much more than that, Pride started off as a riot 51 years ago, it sparked the Gay Liberation Movement and Iowa City has been there for the fight. And Iowa City Pride recognizes and stands in solidarity with Black people suffering consistent injustices in our country.

It was our black and brown brothers and sisters who marched with us, it was our black and brown trans women of color who fought for us during the stonewall riots. We worked together and still to this day work together to fight for our rights and freedoms. We must continue to stand together, hold each other up and support each other. Together in Pride we will not just celebrate we will fight next to our Black brother and sisters and injustice in our country.

Iowa City Pride Yard Sign 2020